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Want to take the lead in the ESG field? Pursuing new opportunities for sustainable development? The top course in global carbon management will double your professional skills and open up unlimited career possibilities!

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The rise of international carbon management regulations
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business owner

Whether you are the owner of a small company or a medium-to-large enterprise, seize the opportunity to lay out your company's carbon management!

In-company training

To train employees on their low-carbon capabilities, companies can provide private classes.


Increase your irreplaceability and enhance your management value.


Meet the demand for low-carbon job openings and effectively increase your salary!


Student word-of-mouth recommendations

Sin Ma Think TankStudent testimonials

The Sin Ma Think Tank is committed to bringing you the most practical content, insights into future trends, and easy-to-understand explanations, so that students can gain the best hard power!

I have attended several carbon management workshops, but I was impressed by the depth and breadth of this course. It provides me with practical tools and methods.

Lina Yang Environmental Engineer

This course really opened my eyes! I now fully understand the importance of carbon management and have started implementing it in my company.

Tingting Wang Environmental Project Manager

I had little prior knowledge of carbon management, but this course gave me insight into the science and strategies behind it.

Yue Zhang Sustainability Consultant

In today's globalized world, carbon management has become an integral part of our supply chain. Thanks to this course I now know how to implement it effectively.

Xing Liu Supply Chain Manager

I chose this course for the green transformation of my company. Now, I’m ready to guide my team towards a low-carbon future.

Yao Chen R&D Department Head

Providing carbon management training to employees has become a priority for our company. This course provides us with a perfect solution.

Han Zhou HR Director

In the global market, carbon management has become a key topic in our communication with partners and customers. This course provided me with the necessary knowledge and confidence.

Xiaoyu Wu Business Development Manager

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0 Basics Anyone who is interested in understanding carbon analysis, carbon planning, and carbon management in carbon-related enterprises can participate in this course.

The above course topics and syllabus will be taught according to the time when the course starts, using the latest current affairs.

A certificate of passing will be issued to those who pass the test.

Singapore-Malaysia Think Tank is a well-known company in Taiwan - a company established by Taiwan Think Tank in the Singapore-Malaysia region. It has a cross-sea cooperation with a coaching team approved by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan.

Our company has obtained the qualification of HRD training institution.

This course is organized by the Practical Inspection Team (Chief Auditor, United Nations ESG Senior Advisor) jointly designed.

This course is already available in Taiwan More than 1,000 people study, word-of-mouth testimony!

It has successfully coached more than 30 companies to provide carbon inventory and exploration coaching services.

Lecturer: Albert Yu (Senior Consultant on ESG Sustainability at the United Nations)

  • EU CBAM practical guidance consultant for Taiwanese manufacturers
  • Bureau of Industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan - Qualified Carbon Inventory Agency Consultant
  • Economic Daily Interview-ESG Lecturer
  • Taiwan Taoyuan Zhongli Industrial Zone-ESG Lecturer
  • ISO14064-1: 2018 Carbon Inventory Auditor-Chief Auditor
  • ISO14067: 2018 Product Carbon Footprint-Internal Auditor, Chief Auditor
  • ESG, GRI Sustainability Report/Analysis/Planning/Manager
  • Sustainable Development Carbon/Analysis/Planning/Manager

this course

expected content

Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions policy and the environment

Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming

Ozone layer depletion and substances controlled by the Montreal Protocol

Greenhouse gas emissions calculation

Carbon emission inventory and carbon neutrality

ISO 14064 management system and inventory procedures

Production, verification and public announcement of greenhouse gas inventory report

Enterprise implementation of carbon neutrality and case introduction

Product carbon footprint inventory and carbon rights certification and trading

ISO 14067 management system and inventory procedures

Product carbon footprint inventory and performance evaluation

Certification and trading of carbon rights

Embrace your future and the future of the Earth!

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