Social Responsibility

While growing strong, we must also contribute more to and give back to our society.

It is our responsibility to help children grow in a conducive environment and nurture them to become pillars of society for the future.

Make regular donations to charitable organizations.

Empower the next generation to shine brightly

Take from society, give back to society.

We aspire to be a strong support for the children.

important Notice
clarification statement

The company has nothing to do with other companies with similar names in the market. The institutional units are:Taiwan Think Tank Intelligence Consulting Co., Ltd., Taiwan Think Tank Technology Consulting Co., Ltd..
If the contract is not signed by the unit with the above name, it will not be able to enjoy the full counseling of the institution, the counseling of multiple subsidy cases for a period of 3 years, the management of exclusive backstage personnel, and the rights of cross-border marketing.