Sustainable Goals and Achieving Results


Contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Provide good health and social benefits

Provide employees with an annual health check.

And encourage the promotion of 3 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Provide additional health insurance other than labor insurance.

Continue to expand franchise stores.

Gender Equality

Employees have the right to equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender.

Proportion of female senior managers: 50%.

Decent work and economic growth

The number of companies served by the company each year: more than 20%-40% growth

Annual company business scale growth: 30%-60%

Improve taxation and honest taxation policies, and support the government in promoting economic growth.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

The company encourages innovative research and development, and the number of research and development cases that can be disclosed is more than 19.

Encourage customers to engage in innovative research and development, with an accumulated total of more than 320 patent applications.

Reduce inequality within and between countries

Encourage customers to align with government policies, such as narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas and strengthening rural education.

Such as shortening the gap between urban and rural areas, strengthening rural education.

Enhance the development of urban and rural areas and establish new tourist attractions.

Form alliances with diverse industries to revitalize local communities and more.

Sustainable Towns and Communities

Encourage and assist in the subsidy and development of business circles.

Assist the cash flow system to introduce store services.

Sustainable Consumption and Production Models

Establish an information security insurance system.

Establish an information security management system.

Conduct enterprise risk management and assessment.

Climate Action

Support and encourage companies related to climate action, apply for grants.

Also, offers business matching management services.

Global Partnerships for the Goals

Operating areas: Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and will continue to expand to other countries in the future.

Set up a B2B business opportunity promotion service team.


important Notice
clarification statement

The company has nothing to do with other companies with similar names in the market. The institutional units are:Taiwan Think Tank Intelligence Consulting Co., Ltd., Taiwan Think Tank Technology Consulting Co., Ltd..
If the contract is not signed by the unit with the above name, it will not be able to enjoy the full counseling of the institution, the counseling of multiple subsidy cases for a period of 3 years, the management of exclusive backstage personnel, and the rights of cross-border marketing.