Sustainable Development

Institutional Sustainability Policy

Sin Ma Think Tank (SMTT) , grounded in its corporate responsibilities and societal obligations, has devised this policy to articulate its commitment to sustainable operations, environmental stewardship, and contributing to societal development. This policy aims to drive the effective implementation of Singapore-Malaysia Think Tank's sustainability efforts, aligning with governmental and corporate expectations for future development. It encompasses sustainable management, legal standards, customer commitments, and operational objectives, and addresses the concerns of stakeholders such as employees, partners, suppliers, customers, the government, and the public.

Sin Ma Think Tank (SMTT) Pledges:

Governance Aspect
Uphold a robust corporate governance system, strictly adhering to ethical business standards, and complying with laws and regulations in all operating locations.
Create company value, prioritize talent, and provide employees with a safe, comfortable working environment, along with a balanced, fair, and acceptable management system.
Engage in effective and strategic communication and negotiation with potential partners, while continuously investing in research and development for progress.

Customer Aspect
Foster long-term and amicable cooperative relations with customers.
Anticipate customer needs proactively, going above and beyond to fulfill every commitment.
Attach importance to every interaction and assist enterprises in seizing growth opportunities.

Social Aspect
Provide employees with a safe, healthy, and high-quality working environment, ensuring diversity in the workforce and safeguarding human rights.
Actively participate in public welfare activities that contribute to social well-being, encouraging employees to engage in societal initiatives.
Advocate for multinational partners to implement sustainable management practices, fostering global partnerships..

important Notice
clarification statement

The company has nothing to do with other companies with similar names in the market. The institutional units are:Taiwan Think Tank Intelligence Consulting Co., Ltd., Taiwan Think Tank Technology Consulting Co., Ltd..
If the contract is not signed by the unit with the above name, it will not be able to enjoy the full counseling of the institution, the counseling of multiple subsidy cases for a period of 3 years, the management of exclusive backstage personnel, and the rights of cross-border marketing.