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Investment Acceleration Fund

What Is DIAF?

DIAF stands for “The Domestic Investment Accelerator Fund.” Launched by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), DIAF supports Malaysian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and medium-sized companies (MTCs), particularly in the manufacturing and designated service industries, to practise on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices.

Assist Enterprises In Transformation

Why Should You Know About DIAF?

Assist small and medium-sized enterprises in their ESG transformation to ensure a smooth transition.

Ensure local companies remain competitive in the global supply chain and have a promising future business.

Assist local companies to embrace ESG principles and attract investment from environmentally friendly financial institutions and venture capitalists.

ESG Subsidy Policy

Subsidies Provided By DIAF

DIAF’s ESG grants are disbursed at a matching ratio of 50:50 or 70:30, depending on the circumstances, with a maximum reimbursement amount of RM 500,000 per company.


Areas eligible for subsidies include:

Validation and verification, and/or ESG adoption certification, and/or tracking costs associated with carbon emissions and ESG disclosures

Subscription to systems and/or software for data collection and tracking of ESG and/or greenhouse gas emissions (first year only)

Application Criteria

Are You Eligible for DIAF?

Let’s Check If Your Company Qualifies:


Operated for more than 3 years and possess any licenses required for legal business.


The company must be run by at least 51% Malaysians


Eligible business scope

Business scope covers areas:


Requires MITI certification

Services activities


You might be wondering...

Three Steps To Apply For DIAF

Ensure that you meet all the qualifications mentioned above.

After approval in the previous step, complete the ESG disclosure within 12 months.

DIAF Application Date

Applications received by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) from 24 April 2024 onwards will be eligible for this grant. However, the approval of the application depends on its funding allocation and existing policies.

*Data source: MIDA official website. If there is any discrepancy, please refer to the updated MIDA official website.

Simplifying ESG transformation

How Can Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Carry Out ESG Transformation?

ESG sounds difficult, but it is not difficult to do! As long as you find the right consultant team, practicing ESG in small and medium-sized enterprises can be simple.

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