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Course Overview
About Sin Ma Think Tank (SMTT)

Welcome to the SMTT Education and Training Center!

Certified by HRD,we are dedicated to providing you with sought-after training in "Net Zero Carbon Emissions," "International Certification Courses," and "Corporate Sustainable Development." Aspiring to outshine in the business realm? We will assist you in mastering cutting-edge international technology and exploring boundless markets!

Our courses, meticulously designed and imparted by industry leaders, ensure practical application of your learning. Whether online or in-person, our diverse teaching models cater to your every need.

Currently, our reach extends across Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan, with ambitious plans for 2023! Interested in co-creating brilliance? Feel free to reach out to us; we eagerly anticipate serving you with enthusiasm!

Think Tank Exclusive

Three Guarantees for Course Commencement

We offer two-way course services, bringing expertise from abroad to Malaysia, projecting Malaysia onto the international stage, and fostering greater confidence among Malaysian enterprises and individuals to develop in the local and global markets.


Faculty comprised of local experts

Our company maintains a dedicated team locally to assess and ensure the quality of teaching services.


Languages: Chinese, English, Malay

To enhance the understanding of our Malaysian customers about local courses,
preference is given to Chinese-speaking instructors, and some courses are available in English or Malay.


Asynchronous Learning for Flexible Review

Upon completion of a course, it is recorded as an asynchronous teaching video, allowing you to review it at your convenience, anytime, anywhere upon logging in.

original intention

The company's main core goal is to serve "help qualified small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain government resources, develop new products and obtain international market orders", plan and obtain various government, international and industrial development resources, from the concept stage, counseling to cross-border sales Channels, establish a list of international potential customers, and help customers gain a foothold in and link with the international market.

organizational tasks

The center mainly provides enterprise management and course business. At the same time as the society is progressing rapidly, the talent cultivation policy is even more important. Since 110, the Singapore-Malaysian think tank has gradually linked external resources such as production, government, learning, research, and training, and created a corporate human resource. Resource enhancement courses and license training courses also provide resources and services in the three directions of "industry", "academia", and "government units", linking non-governmental academic resources across fields, and providing professional courses that are more in line with the new generation. Self-improvement services.

Organization Chart

The central manager of the center has a director of the education and training center and a manager of the course department; there is also an education and training course quality management team to maintain the effectiveness of education and training management and the gradual improvement of course quality.

The organizational structure of the company is shown in the figure below, and the business responsibilities are shown in the table below.


The center actively organizes diverse courses related to corporate education and training. We offer on-the-job advanced training, providing a convenient pathway for multi-faceted learning. Simultaneously, we cultivate in-service professionals to develop secondary expertise, fostering self-positioning, talent stability, and competitiveness in the workplace. Our commitment lies in nurturing individuals with untapped potential.

1. Vision:

We aspire to be an education and training center that integrates "government," "industry," and "education," addressing the challenge of merging these elements in the current market landscape.

2. Mission:

We aim to construct a robust educational environment, tailor courses based on government policies and market industry needs, and equip in-service workers with effective second professional skills.

3. Core value:

We are proactive, continually enhancing service quality, and dedicated to pursuing sustainable development.

4. Development Strategy:

In the era of the 21st-century knowledge economy, learning a second specialty has become a growing trend. In line with our commitment to serving workers, we provide diverse courses to enhance manpower quality. The development strategy for the courses offered by the center is outlined as follows:

  1. Train in-service workers with relevant skills.
  2. Collaborate with enterprise human resources enhancement plans to drive corporate transformation and establish a conducive lifelong learning environment for workers.
  3. Enhance job market competitiveness and mitigate corporate talent turnover by managing this vocational training center for sustained and stable growth.

various flexible course content and strong academic faculty to serve your businesswith our tailored quality courses

Have Served more than 1000 companies

Course training
Fully customizable

"Efficiency, Quality, Effectiveness" is the greatest service tenet of our course. Our goal is to assist enterprises and provide the most appropriate training for their employees with the shortest time, the least cost, and the best content, complete the entrustment of the enterprise, and let the enterprise start classes and generate maximum benefits. The followings are our customized courses :

Corporate Training

Use our venues and various training resources

dispatched lecturer training

Access to corporate training venues and resources

Special planning training

Recruitment, selection, training

Get 50%~100% government subsidy

Assisting application
Of Various Government Course Subsidies

The promotion of corporate human resources usually requires a lot of time to plan and design courses. Classes usually stop here. The education and training center has developed an exclusive teacher database by using the company's cooperative relationship with many enterprises and colleges and universities. In cooperation with many universities,course management is now getting rid of geographical restrictions and we can conduct course management anytime, anywhere, including online courses.

Our company takes advantage of its own plan writing advantages to provide help and guidance for the completion of the enterprise human resources improvement plan, which can reduce the cost of course fees and provide better course services.Let you complete the most efficient course with the lowest budget.

Primary On-the-job Training (小型企業人力提升計畫):Applicable to the number of labor insured persons less than 50
    100% tuition fee subsidized

Senior On-the-job Training (企業人力資源提升計畫) :Applicable to the number of labor insured persons more than 51
    50%-70% tuition fee subsidized

Help the company to unleash staffs' potential with technical energy

Service Advantage

Online / Offline Course

Choose the class location according to clients' will. If we need to provide a classroom environment, we can work with multiple universities to provide suitable venues.

Diversity of courses

You can choose the courses listed on the official website, or you can call to discuss customized solutions according to the company's needs

Can launch a class even there are only a few participate.

There is no limit to the number of students in the class

100% government subsidy

According to the different scales of enterprises, assist in applying for enterprise human resource improvement plans and reduce the cost of enterprise education and training

Combined professional license

Many courses are hands-on courses combined with industry certifications. After learning, you can get professional certification, killing two birds with one stone.

Highly qualified academic teachers

Our lecturers come from elites in various fields, and we can also designate teachers independently

Improve employee professional ability

Teaching from both theory and practice
Effectively improve the professional ability of employees

Customized Course Design

Welcome to discuss different course content
There are dozens of professional teachers in the center, there is always what you want!

Full consulting for 3 consecutive years

Detailed consultation course guidance
Progressive Staff Course Training

Through our SOP, gain easy access to customized courses

Enterprise course service process

Step 1

Interview to confirm needs

1. Confirm the expected results of the client's enquiry

2. Determine the course project and hire the teachers

3. Sign the contract

Step 1

Step 2

Fill in the basic information of the course application

Provide basic information about companies applying for human resources improvement

Step 2

Step 3

Send application to management unit

Send the following information to the responsible unit:

1. Course service application form

2. Legal entity registration certificate

3. The latest labor insurance payment certificate and details

4. The latest tax payment certificate

Step 3

Step 4

Tutoring Course Advisor Interview

We provide program course brochures and registration materials

Instruct suppliers to discuss curriculum planning with the program office

Step 4

Step 5

Training course

Participate in the course, up to 5 people per company and single course

Please participate in the whole process

Step 5

Step 6

Expenses written off after training

Course fees will be written off at the end of the course

About 1 month course fee will be remitted to the company account

Step 6
Interested in courses or have any other questions?

Course Enquiry Form

Your opinion is the direction of our development,
If there are other types of local courses you would like us to offer, please let us know what you are looking for.
We will continue to work hard to introduce more courses that meet the needs of learners.

Professional courses in various fields

Course type

Business management education and training courses

Enterprise production management

Enterprise Marketing Management

Enterprise Personnel Management

Research and Development Management

Financial Management

Information management

Professional Licensure Training Course

Technician Skills Check

International certificate class

CEO International Certificate

Other licenses

Policy making course

Labor and management related policies

digital transformation

international trade

Interested in a course?

Contact us

As long as you are interested, please leave the contact information below, we will contact you as soon as possible!

important Notice
clarification statement

The company has nothing to do with other companies with similar names in the market. The institutional units are:Taiwan Think Tank Intelligence Consulting Co., Ltd., Taiwan Think Tank Technology Consulting Co., Ltd..
If the contract is not signed by the unit with the above name, it will not be able to enjoy the full counseling of the institution, the counseling of multiple subsidy cases for a period of 3 years, the management of exclusive backstage personnel, and the rights of cross-border marketing.