Carbon Footprint and CBAM Counseling

Quantify the company's manufacturing process and calculate the carbon content per unit of product

We will guide your company in establishing a carbon inventory and management system, designing a carbon reduction plan, and striving to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality

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From carbon inventory to carbon footprint, a comprehensive guidance plan for the complete layout of EU CBAM.

Carbon footprint calculation is primarily used to quantify the carbon content associated with goods, services, and activities
We assist with overall life cycle assessments and calculate greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time, if needed, we can assist in evaluating the EU CBAM declaration and gradually complete the [Company Boundary Carbon Inventory] and [CBAM Scope Product Carbon Footprint] based on the carbon dioxide equivalent per ton of specific goods.


What is a carbon footprint?

What is a 'carbon footprint'? It refers to the direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions produced during the entire life cycle of an activity, product, or service.

In short, the life cycle of an activity or product, which includes raw material mining, manufacturing, assembly, transportation, and even the greenhouse gas emissions generated by disposal and recycling, all needs to be considered in the calculation of the carbon footprint.

Three-in-one, comprehensive service.

Comprehensive guidance on carbon inventory, carbon footprint, and CBAM

The CBAM trial phase is set to begin at the end of October 2023, with a portion of the carbon inventory integrated into the carbon footprint as a declaration item for importers.

Carbon inventory
CBAM Coaching​
Carbon inventory

Our three-in-one service integrates carbon accounting, carbon footprint, and CBAM guidance, enabling comprehensive coaching across all aspects simultaneously

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The best help for companies to conduct carbon inventories

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Our team

Our coaching team includes United Nations ESG sustainable senior consultants, chief audit officers, internal auditors, etc., providing comprehensive services. Currently, we coach an average of 5-10 cases of various enterprise carbon audits per month, with sufficient practical experience.

You might be wondering...

Who needs a carbon footprint?

Upon your customer request

Your customer wants to do a carbon inventory
you will be asked to provide the carbon footprint calculation for your product
To facilitate subsequent calculations

For export-oriented enterprises

Particularly in light of the EU CBAM requirements,
it is recommended to commence the establishment process for the export segment.

Supply chain requirements

Dictate that both upstream and downstream components must calculate carbon emissions.
The company is obligated to furnish information, including the carbon content of the product.

What projects are included in the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)?

Three key points of CBAM

Declare of goods
Direct and indirect emissions arise from production facilities, processes, imported goods, precursors, etc.
We can guide you in constructing CBAM monitoring methods (system boundaries, production pathways) that comply with EU regulations and continually update them to align with evolving EU requirements.

Key point

Specific carbon cargo emissions

Mainly for goods exported to the EU
Calculate carbon dioxide equivalent per ton

Key point

The importer is responsible for declaration

Your local importer is responsible for the declaration.
If you are managing it independently, you are required to declare it yourself.

Key point

Quarterly declaration

Complete the application by the end of January 2024.
It will be requested every quarter in the future.

Crisis is a turning point

SMTT, the Singapore-Malaysia think tank, assists you in addressing CBAM and extension-related challenges and issues.

We offer diverse coaching projects to assist companies in establishing carbon management systems and sustaining international competitiveness. This is aligned with the new regulations that the EU and other countries will continue to introduce in the future.

If the importer is unable to obtain the actual embodied emissions of imported products using the EU-approved calculation method, they can declare based on the EU's preset values.

You need to utilize the local carbon pricing mechanism, the mandatory emission monitoring plan, and the emission monitoring plan of the production facility (accredited third party to conduct the verification process).


Product Carbon Footprint Counseling Process

Carbon Footprint
The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by a product or service throughout its life cycle, expressed in CO2 equivalents (CO2e).

Purpose and Scope Definition
Inventory analysis
uncertainty assessment
Repeated revisions
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