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Top international company with deep roots in Malaysia, training more than 1,000 ESG talents and coaching many companies to complete ESG, CBAM and other projects

Teachers and consultants from various countries

ESG international advisory body

Multinational team, United Nations accredited professionals, first-class service

International ESG courses and certification

Provide various ESG field courses such as ESG writing, carbon inventory and carbon footprint, CBAM, etc.

Corporate ESG guidance business promotion

Provide a team of teachers with rich practical experience from abroad to help local Malaysian companies integrate with the world and meet the goals of ESG sustainable management.

Government subsidy consulting services

Various diversified government subsidies, from research and development to marketing and other stages, diversified government subsidy guidance and assistance

one studyAnalyst, Manager, PlannerThe essence of knowledge!

Three certifications are enough at one time

Three-in-one ESG and low-carbon management professional certification course

The most worthwhile three-in-one class in the ESG field!

Taught by United Nations ESG teachers, the top course in global carbon management, allows your company to easily step into ESG / double your professional skills and open up unlimited possibilities!

We provide international ISO ESG standard coaching services

ESG one-stop carbon inventory coaching and certification

From ESG to carbon inventory, footprinting, EU CBAM regulations, and avoiding future carbon tariffs, we can provide assistance and guidance.

Continue to launch HRD subsidy courses

HRD certified training institution

Singapore-Malaysia think tank is a classicMalaysia HRD certified professional training center, we focus on providing international-level professional training and certification services to enterprises and individual students.

Choosing us means paving a more professional and efficient path for your career development. Trust Singapore-Malaysia Think Tank to open a new chapter in your professional growth.

International coaching team with rich combat experience

One-stop ESG complete solution

Complete guidance from carbon inventory, carbon footprint, and CBAM.

The Taiwan government's qualified ESG coaching team joins hands to provide guidance to help you complete ESG development and carbon inventory.

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Our agency can complete ESG counseling and provide ESG reports within 3 months, quickly meeting your needs!

Malaysia’s ESG Report

We provide the most professional ESG report guidance and production services

Coordinated by the United Nations ESG Sustainability Senior Consultant and implemented by a qualified low-carbon smart team from the Industrial Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs, the project designed a framework that complies with GRI, ESG, and SASB to take stock of the company's energy and make its products more competitive.

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Coaching more than hundreds of companies around the world

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Malaysian SME Chamber hosted an ESG lecture

On June 26, 2024, SAMENTA Malaysia SME Chamber of Commerce hosted a public lecture titled "Introduction to ESG and Reporting Framework: Promoting Sustainable Development Goals for Malaysian SMEs" at WORQ KL Sentral. The event drew over a hundred business owners and senior executives. Dr. John Loh, Chairman of SAMENTA National Intelligent Manufacturing, hosted the lecture, with TGSA and SMTT General Manager Yu Zhenyue as the keynote speaker. The session covered ESG fundamentals, reporting frameworks, and their practical applications in business, aiming to deepen companies' ESG understanding, enhance practices, and boost global market competitiveness.

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