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Complete ESG in 3 simple steps
Does your company face the following issues?

Our company has visited nearly a hundred businesses and found that everyone shares the following common problems

Staff shortages in the company

It's hard to hire new employees. Each staff member has their own duties, making it difficult to allocate new personnel for carbon inventory

Even after attending classes, do you still not know if your calculations are correct?

You know the formulas, but are unsure which coefficients to use.
You have no idea how to define or calculate the carbon emissions of the process.

You have to collect data and do calculations, burning the candle at both ends

You need to gather information across departments and verify its accuracy.
And in the end, you still have to do the calculations and write the report yourself? It's overwhelming.

There is auditing software, but you still have to build the data yourself

Scope 3 often involves millions of entries for upstream and downstream transportation, which still need to be manually inputted, taking time and effort. Additionally, you are unsure if the entries are correct.

What should I do if relevant personnel leave in the future?

When trained personnel leave, there is no one within the company to take over the auditing, resulting in a gap in the process. This makes it even more difficult to verify the following year.

Providing you with the verified quality of carbon inventory check

What is carbon inventory 123?

We not only assist you with the check, but also teach you how to do it.

Carbon inventory is a project that companies must carry out annually in the future. However, small and medium-sized enterprises have limited resources and manpower, and the quality and standards of carbon inventory in the industry vary. Overcoming these challenges is what companies face.

We provide a simple 3-step process to help you complete carbon auditing and hand it over to you, enabling your company to seamlessly align with next year's calculation and execution.

Who needs our services?

If you're considering carbon inventory, we will be your top choice

Request from upstream manufacturers

Request from upstream manufacturers
But there is no carbon inventory team

Continuous carbon inventory

The inventory was completed last year.
But don’t know how to proceed this year?

Customers want CBAM

European client is requesting CBAM implementation, but unsure how to proceed

Want to do category 3

In the past, only categories 1 and 2 were done
If you want to do Category 3, find Sin Ma Think Tank!

We adhere to quality, hence our standard of verification level, to assist you in achieving comprehensive results

Software + Agency Inventory + Consultant Guidance: Our service leaves no blind spots

We provide a diverse project management software

Help you manage all inventory data, confirm completeness and data integrity, and assist in checking to ensure the integrity of information for continued operations in the future.

We offer an industry first
Agent inventory

In the first year, you are responsible for collecting data, and we will assist you with calculations to establish your company's consistent data collection methods, coefficient application principles, calculation formulas, and procedures, which can be expanded to Scope 3 and verification levels in the future.

We provide post-market consulting guidance (handover of inventory results)

After the agency audit is completed, your company can use it as a benchmark for ongoing calculations and implementation.

We will guide your company's personnel to seamlessly transition to the new year's auditing process.

Additionally, we can design carbon emissions calculation methods in advance according to various customer requirements.

Does it meet government standards?

No annual fees, no contracts, and complies with ISO and government regulations

We provide complete services

1. Scope 1 and 2 are in line with the main inspection plans of Singapore and Malaysia.

2. Category 1, 2, and 3, solutions that meet the requirements of international customers.

3. Third-party verification level, agency inspection and accompanying third-party unit’s review.

4. Calculate the manufacturing process based on the various requirements of CBAM customers and provide fully customized planning and coaching solutions.

At the same time, there are no contracts and no annual fees. We will guide your company to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and develop towards ESG.
Do you meet customer standards? We include: carbon inventory, carbon footprint, CBAM

We keep pace with the times, providing assurance during the service period

We not only conduct carbon inventory, but also include carbon footprints. More importantly, we promise to help adjust relevant data according to the latest standards during the service period.

Allowing you to quickly support and address your needs and requirements, such as CBAM or various customer requests.

Do we provide carbon inventory software?

We work with a variety of software and provide customized calculation tools

Our company only provides carbon project management systems, so all commercially available inventory software are our tools. We can recommend carbon inventory software suitable for your application according to your needs.

At the same time, if necessary, we will provide customized coherent calculation tools based on your company's inventory results. In the future, companies can flexibly apply CBAM, carbon inventory, etc. according to their needs without purchasing software.

Reasonable price, transparent quotation, no price increase afterward

We serve more, but the price remains the same

We will provide customized and reasonable quotations based on the company's size and needs.

The counseling process will also take into account the cooperation of various departments of the company and adapt measures to local and situational conditions.

Rich practical coaching experience and continuous improvement of service quality.

Not only classes, but also agency inspections and practical surveys are provided.

We all use the implementation of inventory as a benchmark to help the company move forward on the road to carbon reduction.

Welcome to inquire for quotation.

Step Process

We offer diverse coaching projects to assist companies in establishing carbon management systems and sustaining international competitiveness. This is aligned with the new regulations that the EU and other countries will continue to introduce in the future.

On-site consultation and planning

We will provide on-site consultation and assessment.

After confirming the contract, you will enter the stage of providing information.

Upload inventory data

During the process of providing information, we will continue to communicate with you

Organize and optimize the inventory data provided

Provide results, training and guidance

We will provide greenhouse gas inventory and GHG report

At the same time, we will provide training and guidance based on your company’s inventory results.

Let company personnel learn your company's inventory procedures.

True steel is tempered in the fire

Service Advantage

Find Sin Ma Think Tank for ESG, the service is the most guaranteed

1. Third-party verification level of inventory quality

Regardless of Scope 1, 2, or 3, we provide third-party verified inventory quality.
Based on the inventory list provided by the Environmental Department,
it also meets the inventory quality requirements of ISO 14064-1
while ensuring strict execution.

2. Smart cloud carbon reduction system

Smart cloud carbon reduction system independently developed by SMTT,
Taking the carbon reduction layout as the direction, develop an inventory and carbon reduction system
Continuously updated every month

3. Commitment to inventory, implementation, and execution

The guarantee of service is not only professionalism in inventory. We also has many years of rich practical coaching experience.

4. Agent inventory

Your company only needs to provide original information, and we will conduct an inspection on our behalf.
Provide inventory and ESG reports and data

Tutoring unit recognized by the Industrial Bureau

Certification from the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Through the 112 Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs-Industrial Low-Carbon and Intelligent Guidance and Consulting Unit, we can provide consulting services for the industrial low-carbon guidance plan.

If you need to check your level, Think Tank can do that too!

Counseling results can be verified by third-party verification agencies

The quality of carbon inventory varies, and different boundaries, coefficients, definitions and interpretation methods will lead to different results.
We provide verifiable service quality based on international standards and Singapore and Malaysia government standards.

Service worthy of your trust

We provide three assurances for peace of mind

The quality of the reports we make can be applied for and verified by a third party

We not only help you calculate carbon content but also assist in establishing a carbon management system for more efficient data organization.

Process confidentiality

The carbon footprint will be checked to keep the manufacturing process confidential, and information security insurance will be purchased to ensure that the data is not leaked.

Long-term consulting

Not only in 2024 and 2025, we keep pace with the times and provide long-term various ESG advisory support services.

Steps 123: Carbon Inventory Made Easy

Why we can provide carbon inventory 123 coaching services

We are a well-known training and coaching organization

As of the end of 2023, there are over 1,400 trainees

Work closely with verification units

We work with domestic verification teams to study, evaluate the carbon emission standards and structures of various industries, and improve the planning and verification process.

Strong team energy

Our company includes foreign-trained United Nations ESG sustainability consultants, carbon inventory and footprint chief auditors, not only in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, we have also developed to Japan, and work closely with ESG consulting companies in Europe and the United States.

Strong lineup, international standards
The best help for companies to conduct carbon inventories

Professional and comprehensive

Our team

Our coaching team includes United Nations ESG sustainable senior consultants, chief audit officers, internal auditors, etc., providing comprehensive services. Currently, we coach an average of 5-10 cases of various enterprise carbon audits per month, with sufficient practical experience.


Steps 123: Carbon Inventory Made Easy

We work on ESG, from training, certification to coaching, to help you obtain ISO14064 related certification within the target timeframe

At the same time, if the conditions are met, it will be implemented together with the government subsidy case.

Complement each other to help you successfully reduce carbon emissions

Service requirement confirmation

We will have dedicated personnel to conduct on-site discussions and tailor-make a carbon inventory plan for your company. At the same time, we are preparing for future research and development.

Definition of inspection scope

Clearly define equipment and scope, evaluate and qualify.

Inspection scope calculation

Provide guidance on calculations and discussions on how to optimize carbon emissions and prepare for future ISO14067.

Complete verification
(Complete the company audit report at the same time)

Schedule a review. Obtain ISO14064 related certification after passing.

If third-party verification is not required, it can assist in completing the scope of government requirements.

Repeatedly praised and recommended by word of mouth

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Coaching more than hundreds of companies around the world

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